Product Summary

The SEMS16 is a Server Environment Monitoring System (ENVIROMUX). It provides a way to supervise, from a remote location, the environmental conditions and security in cabinets and rooms containing servers, hubs, switches and other network components. Input data is filtered, collected, analyzed and processed to instantly and accurately display the status of the room. The user is able to specify parameters for all monitored conditions: if the parameters of the SEMS16 are exceeded, the unit will signal an alarm, which may include several pre-defined processes.


SEMS16 features: (1)Single user via RS232 or up to 8 users via Ethernet; (2)Connections include DB9 for RS232 and RJ45 w/ LEDs for Ethernet; (3)RJ45 connections for up to 16 sensors; (4)Screw terminals for up to 8 digital input devices and 4 digital output devices; (5)12VDC provided for all digital inputs (50mA on terminals 1-7, 650mA on terminal 8 only); (6)RJ45 Sensors include Temperature, Humidity, Temperature and Humidity, Water, Vibration, Smoke, Motion Sensor, Glass break detector and more; (7)Monitors server room environmental conditions remotely Alerts users of environmental faults (temp too high, water, etc) via email, Syslog, SMS messages, SNMP traps, Illuminated front panel LEDs, or notifications on a web page; (8)Provides control for devices such as door locks, keypad, or a circulation fan via digital outputs (1A / 30 VDC, .5A /100VAC); (9)Full configuration via web page; (10)Limited configuration via SNMP, Telnet or RS232 interface; (11)Browser independent (IE, Netscape, Mozilla, Opera); (12)Outgoing mail using SMTP for alert notifications; (13)Configurable Alarms to match specific user schedule; (14)Local Authentication, SSL3.


SEMS16 typical appplication