Product Summary

The OV9620 is a high-performance 1.3 mega-pixel CAMERACHIPSTM for digital still image and video camera products. The OV9620 incorporates a 1280 x 1024 (SXGA) image array and an on-chip 10-bit A/D converter capable of operating at up to 15 frames per second (fps) with full resolution. Proprietary sensor technology utilizes advanced algorithms to cancel Fixed Pattern Noise (FPN), eliminate smearing, and drastically reduce blooming. The control registers allow for flexible control of timing, polarity, and CameraChip operation, which, in turn, allows the engineer a great deal of freedom in product design. The applications of the OV9620 include Digital still cameras, PC camera/dual mode, Video conference applications, Machine vision, Security cameras and Biometrics.


OV9620 absolute maximum ratings: (1)Supply Voltages (with respect to Ground), VDD-A: 3.3V; VDD-C: 2.5V; VDD-IO: 3.3V; (2)All Input/Output Voltages (with respect to Ground): -0.3V to VDD-IO+1V; (3)Lead Temperature, Surface-mount process: +230℃; (4)ESD Rating, Human Body model: 2000V.


OV9620 features: (1)Optical Black Level Calibration (BLC); (2)Video or snapshot operations; (3)Programmable/Auto Exposure and Gain Control; (4)Programmable/Auto White Balance Control; (5)Horizontal and vertical sub-sampling (4:2 and 4:2); (6)Programmable image windowing; (7)Variable frame rate control; (8)On-chip R/G/B channel and luminance average counter; (9)Internal/External frame synchronization; (10)SCCB slave interface; (11)Power-on reset and power-down mode.


OV9620 functional block diagram



Data Sheet