Product Summary

The MCS9900CV-AA is a single lane multifunction PCI express to I/O controller. The MCS9900CV-AA supports two modes of operations which are selectable through device mode select pins. Mode1 supports four serial ports and GPIO, Mode2 supports two serial ports, one parallel port and GPIO. The MCS9900CV-AA also provides an option for peripheral expansion through ASIX proprietary Cascade interface.


MCS9900CV-AA absolute maximum ratings: (1)1.2V Digital Power Supply, VCCK: -0.3 to 1.44V; (2)1.2V Analog Power Supply, VCC12A: -0.3 to 1.44V; (3)3.3V Digital Power Supply, VCC33IO: -0.3 to 4.0V; (4)3.3V Analog Power Supply, VCC33A: -0.3 to 4.0V; (5)Storage temperature, Tstg: -40 to 150℃; (6)Operating temperature, To: 0 to 85℃; (7)Junction temperature, Tj: 0 to 125℃.


MCS9900CV-AA features: (1)Compliant with PCI Express Base Specification, Revision 1.1; (2)Compliant with PCI Express card specifications; (3)Supports four PCI Express functions; (4)Supports auto completion of configuration requests; (5)Supports built in flow control; (6)Supports Message TLP (Error) generation; (7)Supports integrated time out handling of Non‐posted request; (8)Supports both legacy and MSI Interrupt; (9)Supports PCIe Power Management.


MCS9900CV-AA Block Diagram