Product Summary

The 320VC5472GHK is the fixed-point digital signal processor which integrates a DSP subsystem based on the TMS320C54x architecture and a RISC microcontroller subsystem based on the ARM7TDMI core as shown in Figure 2–1. The DSP subsystem includes 72K x 16-bit SRAM, a timer, a DMA controller, an external memory interface, and two McBSPs. The MCU subsystem includes three timers, general-purpose I/O, and an external memory interface. The 320VC5472GHK is implemented as two major subsystems that are highly independent.


320VC5472GHK absolute maximum ratings: (1)Supply voltage I/O range, DVDD: –0.5 V to 4 V; (2)Supply voltage core range, CVDD: –0.5 V to 2 V; (3)Input voltage range, VI: –0.5 V to 4.1 V; (4)Output voltage range, VO: –0.5 V to 4.1 V; (5)Operating case temperature range: TC (Commercial) 0 to 85℃; TC (Industrial) –40 to 85℃; (6)Storage temperature range: –65 to 150℃.


320VC5472GHK features: (1)Low-power C54xDSP CPU, operating at up to 100 MHz; (2)Software-programmable wait-state generator with bank-switching wait-state logic; (3)External memory interface: Program space; Data space; I/O space; (4)Scan-based emulation logic.


320VC5472GHK block diagram



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