Product Summary

The KT0830EG is a high-quality Monolithic Digital FM Receiver designed to playback high-fidelity FM broadcasting signals under various conditions. The KT0830EG offers a true single-chip FM radio solution. There are no external filters or frequency-tuning devices thanks to a proprietary digital low-IF architecture, a fullyintegrated LNA, automatic gain control (AGC), highperformance ADCs, high-quality analog and digital filters, and an on-chip low-noise self-tuning VCO. The on-chip highfidelity Class-AB driver of the KT0830EG further eliminates the need for any external audio amplifiers and can drive stereo headphones directly.


KT0830EG electrical specification: (1)FM Frequency Range, Frx: 64 to 109 MHz; (2)Sensitivity, Sen at (S+N)/N=26dB: 2.2 uVemf typ, 3.5 uVemf max; (3)Input referred 3rd Order Intermodulation Production, IIP3: 87 dBuVE MF; (4)Adjacent Channel Selectivity at ±200KHz: 40 to 51 dB; (5)Alternate Channel Selectivity at ±400KHz: 50 to 70 dB; (6)Image Rejection Radio: 35 dB; (7)AM suppression: 50 dB; (8)RCLK frequency: 32.768 kHz; (9)RCLK frequency Tolerance: -150 to 150 ppm; (10)Audio Output Voltage at 32ohm load: 68 mVRMS min, 70mVRMS typ, 72 mVRMS max; (11)Audio Band Limits at ±3dB 30 15k Hz; (12)Audio Stereo Separation: 35 dB min; (13)Audio Stereo S/N: 64 dB; (14)Audio THD: 0.3 %; (15)Audio Common Mode Voltage: 0.7 V; (16)Audio Output Load Resistance, RL at Single-ended: 16 Ω min; (17)Seek/Tune Time(effective channel): 50 ms/ch max; (18)Power-up Time: 380 ms max.


KT0830EG features: (1)Low-cost true single-chip FM radio solution: Single-Chip Low IF FM Receiver; Direct band, volume, frequency selection; Digital FM Demodulator; Digital Stereo Processor; Low-noise PLL with integrated VCO; (2)Extended FM band support (64-109MHz); (3)Integrated Class AB headphone driver; (4)High Fidelity: SNR: 64dB; THD: <0.3%; (5)High Sensitivity: -106dBm; (6)Low supply current: 19.5mA (operating), <20uA (standby); (7)High Driving capability: Drive up to 16 ohm load (single-sided); (8)32.768kHz reference clock/crystal; (9)Automatic Frequency Control (AFC); (10)Automatic gain control (AGC); (11)Anti-pop circuit; (12)16-pin SOP package.


KT0830EG System Diagram